Cheating at craps has crossed the mind of any player. However, keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden and that if you are caught cheating, the consequences of your actions will be irreversible! The game has gained amazing fame and popularity, so almost no online casino platform is not without this game, because it is quite simple, but at the same time interesting and fun.

But hey, some craps players do win by cheating, don’t they? And if they are lucky enough not to be caught, good for them! In this article, we explain how to imitate the greatest craps cheaters.

However, remember that there is no need to cheat and it is better to become a master and a professional in order to win.

Faked dice, the simplest and most direct way to cheat at craps

The most common technique for cheating at craps is of course to rig the dice. To do this, several processes are possible:

  • using weights to increase the weight of the dice;
  • deforming their original shape using sanding tools;
  • or, as is often the case, mastering a throwing technique that must go as unnoticed as possible.

That said, safety procedures are becoming more and more rigorous, so that dealers are checking that their dice are not piped.

However, these three techniques are effective, proven, but use them judiciously, assessing your capabilities.

In addition, security cameras will, in most cases, be able to detect craps cheating attempts.

Placing a late bet, an effective but not very discreet method

For a long time, placing a late bet on the craps table was a widely used technique. However, in the early 2000s, this technique lost some of its beauty: one of the last bettors to use it was sentenced to 25 years in prison!

He left with $86,000 in his pocket, yet he had been able to distract both dealers and players.

Nowadays, casinos are very vigilant and do not tolerate bets placed after the roll of the dice. In addition, to avoid punishment, make sure to show your palms when you touch the dice.

Taking inspiration from the greatest of the craps cheaters?

Perhaps the ultimate method to win at craps is to take inspiration from the best cheaters. Of course, who was not seduced by easy victory and money! However, in real life, things don’t really happen like they do in James Bond movies. The fact remains that in the past, some crooks managed to pluck the casino thanks to the use of ingenious gadgets, mathematical techniques, but also and above all thanks to the help of accomplices, who were often croupiers. The loot of such cheaters often amounted to several million dollars.

But nowadays, however, casinos have much more sophisticated technology at their disposal, which inevitably makes cheating attempts futile. To beat the casino at craps, there is no choice: either you have to play “fair” or you have to come up with the perfect move.

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